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Behind the Music

Pam Olivia is an influential Singer Songwriter with a devoted following.

 Like most kids, Pam Olivia used her creativity and imagination to prepare herself for the life she knew she would lead - a life of stardom.  Pam Olivia grew up on Gonzaga Street in East Palo Alto where she could be found enlisting her neighborhood friends to perform talent shows in her garage. She began writing at the age of nine. She has always had a passion for making others laugh and helping them forget their problems. Her love for performing was developed by singing and performing monologues in front of album covers on the couches in her living room.


At age 15 Pam pursued an interest in writing and wrote several skits for her youth church. In college she joined the UCSD Mass choir and continued to write skits for various projects and her drama classes. 

Pam was discovered while singing and working out at 24hr Fitness in San Diego, CA. She was approached by Calvin Romance and asked to record a demo. From there the opportunities continued to rush in. Calvin Romance connected 

Pam with Dough Rasheed who put her together with the Dove Daniels and together they formed the female-group Vybe. The group signed to Island Records and the rest is HERstory.


Pam Olivia has continued to write and produce music and has worked with major artists like Barry White, Anastasia, Rod Stewart, Debra Cox, Montell Jordan, and Shep Crawford.

Currently she is working on self publishing her first children's book Nana and Me with an original lullaby.

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