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Praise for "Nana & Me"

What our Readers are saying...

Nana & Me is a delightful children’s story. The author takes you through a journey, from a child’s perspective, and the wonderful relationship that the child has with his / her nana. It’s very descriptive as if it’s an experience you remember when you were a child, or through your child’s eyes. 
I’m sure that "Nana & Me" will be around for a long time putting smiles on the faces of many children. Some will relate this experience to their own ‘Nana’ where others, who don’t have a ‘Nana’ will be able to cherish this experience in his or her own memory wishing that this books experience would be personalized to them as "Nana & ME."
Pick up your copy and you’ll notice that your child won’t be able to put it down.

Phillip Ingram

Singer/Songwriter from the group "Switch"

Sharing stories with your family creates a lasting impression. As a godparent, I’ve appreciated creating memories through the art of storytelling. "Nana & Me" elevates the experience by adding whimsical and comforting music to punctuate the important themes of family connection, courage, confidence, determination, and celebrating wins for children of all ages.

I’ve always appreciated the magic of having a book read aloud and watching the room melt away as the world from within the story takes center stage. The vivid imagery used in the "Nana & Me" manuscript, its audiobook component, plus the interactive musical lullaby will create that same magical experience for your children.

Whether you’re looking to increase literacy for your “littles” or empower, engage, and entertain them, "Nana & Me" is pure joy.

Janette R. Smith
Journalist, Actor, TV Host, Author

Pam Olivia gives it to us! In this gracefully creative children’s book full of vivid imagery, and music that scaffolds. Reminding us all of Nana’s creative way of displaying unconditional love.   Children can make the correlation to that endearing term “Nana” that we hold so dear. As African-Americans, we can relate to “Nana’s” inspiration that amazingly instills the courage and confidence, “All things are possible…….” Pamela’s vision in “Nana and Me” is a lesson in unconditional love as Nana gives kindness, laughter, and warmth. Oh.. the memories, I recalled from this book as I recollect my first encounter of unconditional love from my grandmother.  Those simple victories make us feel that “WE” can conquer the world. As an educator, it is great to see a children’s story that is standards based.  Pamela supports the educational profession in writing this book.   While yet being entertained children develop their literacy skills. Clearly, this can be incorporated in any curriculum.  Bookshelves around the world make ROOM!  It’s here.

Eltonia Williams​



Credits for Nana & Me: The Visit
Writer & Co-Producer: Pam Olivia
Audiobook Voiceover: Pam Olivia
Lullaby Written and Performed by: Pam Olivia
Illustrator: Ashley Robinson
Lullaby Music and Background Vocals: Jeremiah Brewer
Background Atmosphere: Zoelle Malay, Zhiya Malay, Zuri Malay, and Zhara Malay
Voice Over Music Composition: Zhion Malay and Pam Olivia

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